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  • Julie McKenna

Institutions Engaging with Avalanche

At the core of our advocacy for Avalanche lies a truly compelling factor: its engagement with influential institutions. This particular facet initially captured our attention and continues to be a source of enthusiasm for us. Notable names like Amazon, Deloitte, Shopify, and Mastercard have all forged partnerships with Avalanche. This impressive lineup showcases the increasing interest and trust that industry leaders are placing in this blockchain platform. Let's dive in a little deeper and understand how these industry leaders are working with Avalanche.


Ava Labs and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to enhance blockchain adoption by enterprises, institutions, and governments. AWS is aiding Avalanche's blockchain infrastructure and dApp ecosystem, making node deployment simpler via the AWS Marketplace. Read more here.


Deloitte and Ava Labs partner to develop Close As You Go™ (CAYG), an Avalanche blockchain-based disaster recovery platform simplifying federal funding applications for state and local governments, enhancing the recovery process by expediting claims, reducing fraud, and cutting costs. Read more here.


The Venly Shopify NFT app enables Shopify merchants to access Avalanche NFTs seamlessly, utilizing Avalanche's efficient blockchain to simplify NFT processes, expand commerce possibilities, and meet growing NFT demand. Read more here.


Mastercard's "Start Path Crypto" initiative collaborates with five startups, including Ava Labs, to address global blockchain challenges, leveraging Mastercard's expertise to empower these companies. Read more here.

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